Biometrics technology’s functionality is predominantly used for identification purposes and access control. Biometric authentication relies on the accurate identification of an individual’s intrinsic physical or behavioural traits.

We provide a full suite of tailor-made biometric solutions, for both private and public sector application. We incorporate latest technologies such as smart cards, tokens and tamper-proof documents that can enhance our solutions in safeguarding an organisation’s assets.

How We Can Benefit Your Organisation

Ensuring no overstocking or under stocking

Audit trail of stock usage

Automatic reorder of stock based upon usage

Ensuring critical spares is always available in the event of a breakdown

Simple and effective budget management


Why Biometrics?

Biometrics authentication provides an extra layer of security in the safeguarding of physical and information assets. As a tool, Biometric Security solutions can also be used in addressing cyber security concerns, within an organisation. In addition to security, biometric verification provides convenience because it cannot be lost or forgotten. Traditional passwords can be a point of weakness for security systems. Biometrics addresses this concern by linking proof-of-identity to our bodies and behaviour patterns.

Examples of Biometric Security:

Facial Recognition

Iris Recognition

Voice Recognition

Heart-Rate Sensors

Fingerprint Scanning