Eave Partners With BoardPAC

Partnerships with premium technology solutions providers remain a core component of our growth trajectory. In our partners, we look for solutions that we can use as effective tools in serving our clients; or solutions that can improve business processes within our clients’ environment.

The solutions we provide to our clients should be able to produce substantial results and improve multiple business processes while enhancing customer experience. We have ensured that we only consider strategic partnerships where we are confident of being able to add real value.

We believe that we have found that with BoardPAC. As an accredited partner, our underlying objective is to be able to market customised solutions that improve our clients’ efficiency and efficacy and promotes good corporate governance.

BoardPAC is a globally recognised board meeting management solution that is used by South Africa’s large enterprises in the public and private sector. This is a trusted product by over 50,000+ Board Directors and company secretaries in over 40+ countries.

BoardPAC specifically has the functionality to support the Board members who are likely to be part of many Board committees and possibly even Executive Committees with the ability to access and provide decisions with ease, using an iPad, Android tablets, Windows laptops, and mobile phones. BoardPAC offers both On-Premise and Cloud Hosting options.

The client portfolio includes many leading global institutions such as Deloitte, Ernst & Young, Mercedes Benz, Petronas, and many other African organisations such as Bidcorp, Denel, SITA, Murray & Roberts, Department of Public Enterprises and Bank Windhoek Namibia using the solution for their paperless Board meeting and governance.

Organisations have good methodologies and approaches to innovate their own products or services, it is, however, much more difficult to innovate processes. We want to support our clients with efficient systems and processes that optimise and improve their business processes, by sourcing and providing advanced technologies that simplify automation, and business processes that help organisations meet an increasing demand for efficiency and sustainability.

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