There is an imminent need for organisations to start looking at implementing different strategies and methods to responding to a pandemic and managing a crisis. A distinction can be made between regular organisational crisis management and responding to what has been declared a pandemic. We can help your organisation in defining the distinction, and setting out clear contingency plans, that support your business processes. Talk to us about your organisational’ need for:

Pandemic Planning

Crisis Management Planning

Crisis management coordination services – Where we can assist in developing your crisis management task team, and can form part of it, and assist with planning and responding to developments with the pandemic (Bringing insights and experience gained from other engagements).

Business Impact Analysis, tailored to emerging needs of the organisation – With remote work and other non-standard operations being applied.

Supply Chain Analysis – Analysing third party risks and driving resilience into the supply chain.

Business Continuity Planning

We also offer consultations on the longer term impacts of the pandemic on your organisation, and how that would relate to your business continuity and resilience efforts.

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