As a pure accounting and audit practice, Eave has evolved over the years into what is known today as a specialised advisory and business process services firm. The business that is being built today is segmented across three distinct focused divisions

These three divisions are:

  • Advisory;
  • Business process outsourcing; and
  • Strategic partnerships.

Eave targets organisations in the small to medium category falling within the South African context of the definitions for micro, small and medium enterprises, which varies based on different sectors. A good majority of its clients have, over the years, migrated from the small to the medium category. To be fair, this doesn’t only speak to how long the firm has been in existence, but it also speaks to how they prioritise their client retention strategies, supported by the firm’s strong organisational culture.

At Eave, our primary focus is in the enhancement of the management function, and providing its clients with competent and consistent support in their everyday business. We do this by providing specialised advisory services on methods and strategies that optimise and improve business processes, streamline an organisation’s individual activities for optimal use and allocation of its resources, and enable effective information management which management can use in their planning and decision-making processes, as well as their financial reporting. We offer the outsourcing of secondary business processes as a service, which allows organisations of different sizes to focus solely on their core operations while promoting their operational agility. Outsourcing secondary business processes and, at times their strategic planning, allows the firm’s clients to utilise external expert resources at a more reasonable cost than it would have cost if retained internally.

As an advisory firm, we measure our success by determining to what extent our clients’:

  • Productivity can be improved;
  • Operational costs can be managed; and
  • Revenue can be enhanced.

Our bigger plan, which makes up a core component of our future growth trajectory, is to seek strategic partnerships with technology solutions providers. Such providers will look for solutions that can be used as effective tools during their engagements; or solutions that can improve business processes within their clients’ environment. These solutions should be aimed at eliminating frictions in an organisation, and should be able to produce substantial results and improvements to multiple business processes, while simultaneously enhancing the customer experience.

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